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Sandhya Payankaulam

Sandhya Payankaulam


Ph.D. 1997 (University of Madras)
M.S. 1991 (Bharathiar University)

Joined Arnosti laboratory in 2003

Transcriptional corepressors serve as modular adaptors that enable the diverse activities of transcription factors in development. My studies show that two classes of transcriptional repressors critical for development in the Drosophila embryo – “short-range” and “long-range” repressors – both interact with conserved corepressors to mediate diverse chromatin modifications. Our recent work showed that the Retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein, which also functions as a corepressor, plays important roles in regulation of cellular growth control and apoptosis. My studies have additionally uncovered an unexpected role for the retinoblastoma protein in control of cellular polarity, with important implications for tumor growth and metastasis.