Undergraduates and Laboratory Assistants

Jared Elenbaas Jared Elenbaas I worked in Dr. Arnosti's lab since my freshman year. I completed my studies in the summer of 2014 with a first author paper in Cell Cycle describing the effects of retinoblastoma protein mutations on cellular growth and apoptosis in the imaginal discs of Drosophila. Currently, I am studying Physiology at the University of Michigan and conducting research, as I apply to medical schools. I am interested in M.D./Ph.D. program in the future, to allow me to both practice medicine and be involved with research. 
Haris Khan Haris Khan Haris worked in our laboratory and that of Dr. R. William Henry in the summer of 2014, to determine how phosphorylation of human retinoblastoma proteins in the C-terminal instability element regulates their turnover and function. Haris is a senior at the  Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), in Lahore Pakistan, where he met Professor Dr. Zakir-ullah, who received his Ph.D. from MSU. He hopes to study molecular biology at the graduate level. 
  Lindsey McQuade   
Ashley Menning Ashley Menning  
Tess Jeffers Tess Jeffers  
Seuk-min Ryu Seuk-min Ryu  
Yerzhan Suleimenov Yerzhan Suleimenov  
Yasmin Elgamel Yasmin Elgamel  
Xiaozhou Liu Xiaozhou Liu  
Sydonie Schimler Sydonie Schimler  
Evan Dayringer Evan Dayringer  
Stephanie Duperon Stephanie Duperon  
Andrew Armstrong Andrew Armstrong  
Jessica Fuller Jessica Fuller  
Keyunna Castleberry-Austin Keyunna Castleberry-Austin  
Jennifer Chen Jennifer Chen  
Chu-Yin Yeh Chu-Yin Yeh  
Meghana Joshi Meghana Joshi  
Nicole Biluk Nicole Biluk  
Laya Bhavaraju Laya Bhavaraju  
Nick Day Nick Day  
Philip Williams Philip Williams  
Taraz Buck Taraz Buck Graduate student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University on Pittsburgh.
Edu Fernandez Edu Fernandez  
Timanika Dansby Timanika Dansby  
Ludvig Nyquist Ludvig Nyquist Norway
Kevin Wright Kevin Wright Graduate School at UC Berkeley
Brehan King Brehan King Medical school, Fall 2000
Gavin Hewitt Gavin Hewitt  
Roxane Amey Roxane Amey  
Cameron Kennedy Cameron Kennedy  
Amy Anderson Amy Anderson  
Aina Ramly Aina Ramly  
Tory Priputin Tory Priputin  
Catherine Yurk Catherine Yurk  
Carlton Browning Carlton Browning  
Sarah Ballard Sarah Ballard  
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  Jackie Brosius  
  Sarah McCormack  
  Irene Flick  
  Mary Phillips  
  Elizabeth Wagenmaker  
  Doris Kolweo