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David N. Arnosti

David N. Arnosti


Postdoc 1993-1996 (U. California, San Diego) with Michael Levine, who has made key contributions to our understanding of transcriptional regulation of development, including the identification of modular enhancers and the discovery of the homeobox.

Postdoc 1990-1992 (University of Zurich) with Walter Schaffner, discoverer of the transcriptional enhancer; work on mechanism of activation by the Oct-2 transcription factor, and my first introduction to Drosophila technology, courtesy of Markus Noll.

Ph.D. studies 1984-1989 (University of California, Berkeley) with RNA polymerase pioneer Mike Chamberlin, where I studied bacterial sigma factors.

1984 Internship at Foreign Policy magazine in Washington, D.C.

1982-1983 Thomas J. Watson Fellow; nuclear armament studies in Europe.

B.A. 1978-1982 (Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin).

David Arnosti has been interested in biology since his first merit badge in Insect Life, and gene regulation since his Ph.D. studies of bacterial sigma factors in the laboratory of Michael J. Chamberlin at UC Berkeley. He maintains that Science is Fun, but not necessarily relaxing... During their training, scientists should learn how to plan and execute incisive experiments, communicate the results of their work, and work effectively in a team - all prerequisites of a broad range of science-based professions. Students of his have gone on to careers in gene regulation and biomedicine, mathematical biology, and education.